At the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Phoenix we take pride in providing organic, locally or uniquely sourced food when possible. We enjoy knowing where the food originates from and the story that is told by the people who so passionately produce it. Therefore, we have provided links below to some of our suppliers so you can see the positive effect that sourcing can have on your culinary experience with us.

 We work hard to find fresh, local produce that brings out the color and depth of flavor to your meal while providing an authentic Arizona taste. We feature locally raised beef that is 100% born, raised and harvested in Arizona at a ranch that believes in sustainable practices. Our cheese is sourced by a family owned California cheese producer that practices sustainable farming methods and produces award winning cheeses.

 We are proud to feature these producers throughout our menu and know that you will be able to taste the difference. We look forward to serving you.